About Political Leaders

About Political Leaders

If you want to know about political leaders then this is where you should be. Who are they? What do they do? Where do they come from? Where are they going? What did they say?Who and what influences them? Who are their friends? Who are their foes? How will they react?


At-a-distance Profiling

Trying to understand the leader of a country is difficult because public figureheads are very aware of their publicity and modify their behaviour even more than private citizens do. Speeches that they make, actions they take, biographical facts and writings in the public sphere are always done with consideration of presenting an image. But these techniques have been and still are a tool that the security and intelligence community still relies on to build a picture of reality, discover the secrets and get a hint of the mysteries of geopolitics.

Leon is a trained psychologist and media analysis professional with 14 years of professional analysis experience for public and private entities. He was trained in Arlington, Virginia by some of the most experience political and forensic profilers in the world. He does not work for the CIA. Contact Leon at LeaderProfiler@gmail.com

Mason is a social media expert and wildly random force of chaos. He’s a prolific storyteller and deeply cynical observer of politics and the 257 individuals who claim to run the areas of land that the rest of 7 million live on. Mason doesn’t work for anyone. Follow Mason at @MPhearon



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