• GDP: 1.6 trillion USD
  • Sectors: Agriculture 1.7% Industry 28.4% Services 69.9%
  • Unemployment: 7.0%
  • Import Partners: USA, China, Mexico
  • GINI per capita: $52,200
  • Fitch Rating: AAA Stable
  • 4 Largest Urban Areas: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa


  • Population Size: 35.7 Million
  • Religion: 3.2% Muslim, 76% Christian 23.9% No religion (or not stated)
  • Median Age: 41.7 years
  • Languages: English, French
  • Literacy: 99%


  • Total: 9.9 million sq km
  • Land: 9 million sq km
  • Water: .9 million sq km
  • Border countries: United States


  • Radio: CBC Radio One, CBC Radio 2, CBC Radio 3, Premiere Chaine, Espace musique, TSN Radio, CKOI, NRJ, Rouge FM, Reseau des Appalaches, Rythme FM, Natice Communications, Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation, Aboriginal VOIces, Wawatay Native Communications Society
  • Television: CBC, City, CTV Television Network, Global Television Network, Ici Radio-Canada Tele, TVA, Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.
  • Print: National Post, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Le Journal de Montreal, La Presse, 24 Hours Toronto, Metro Toronto, Le Journal de Quebec, Toronto Sun.
  • Internet: 87% penetration
  • Mobile phones: 79.1%
  • Smartphones: 55%


Canada was colonised by the British and French and was significantly influenced by these cultures. Up until the European wars of the early 20th Century, Canada and the USA had on and off conflicts stemming from Canada’s influences from European continent and freedom and growth of the United States. During the World Wars, Canada and the United States mutually came to the aid of the United Kingdom and then in the Cold war mutually defended against the Soviet Union. Canada is still headed by the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II but by the 1980s completed non violent separation and autonomy from the United Kingdom. Canada still uses a Westminster style Parliament along with an American style Federal model but gives its regions (Quebec, Nova Scotia, Alberta, British Colombia etc.) a great deal of autonomy. Canada pursues a liberal democracy with elements of social welfare.

Suffrage: 18

Voting Patterns:

  1. 1949-1956 Liberals
  2. 1957-1962 Progressive Conservatives
  3. 1963-1978 Liberals
  4. 1979 Progressive Conservatives
  5. 1980-1983 Liberals
  6. 1984-1992 Progressive Conservatives
  7. 1993-2005 Liberals
  8. 2006- Present Conservatives

Significantly Participates in:

  1. NATO
  2. NAFTA
  3. G8


  • Expenditure: 20 Billion USD
  • Active Personnel: 68,250
  • Males fit for service: 8 million
  • Females fit for service: 7.7 million
  • Military Commands: Army, Royal Canadian Navy,Royal Canadian Air Force, Canada Command

Military Suppliers (10 years):

  1. United States(3,997 Million USD)
  2. United Kingdom (634 Million USD)
  3. Germany (147 Million USD)
  4. Netherlands (134 Million USD)
  5. Italy (126 Million USD)

Military Leaders:

  • Thomas J. Lawson (Chief of Defence Staff)
  • Marquis Hainse (Army)
  • Mark Norman (Navy)
  • Thomas J. Lawson(Airforce)
  • Walter Semianiw (Canada Command)

Last Engagements:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq (2003-2011)
  • Libya
  • Mali

Security Issues:

  • Terrorism
  • Cold War

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