GDP: 267.1 billion USD (2014)

Sectors 80.5% services, 16% industry (2014)

Unemployment: 28%(2014)

Import Partners: 13.8% Russia, 9.5% Germany, 7.9% Italy, 7.8% Iraq(2014)

GINI per capita: 26,700 (2013)

Fitch Rating: B/Stable (2014)


Population size: 10,775,557 (2014 estimate)

Religion: Greek Orthodox 98%(2014)

Median age: 43.5 years

Language: Greek

Literacy: 98.4%

total: 131,957 sq km
land: 130,647 sq km 
water: 1,310 sq km
border countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey 


Greece has three mobile telecom companies; Cosmote, Vodafone and WIND.

Television in Greece: Mega Channel, Alpha TV, ANT1, Star Channel and Skai TV.

Newspapers in Greece are highly political. Ta nea, eleftherotypia, ethnos, sport time and eleftheros typos have the highest circulation.

Internet penetration in Greece is just under 60%


On the 25th of January 2015 in parliamentary elections, the Coalition of the Radical Left wins 36.3% of the vote (149 of 300 seats), New Democracy 27.8% (76), Golden Dawn 6.3% (17), The River 6% (17), the Communist Party 5.5% (15), the Independent Greeks 4.7% (13), and the Panhellenic Socialist Movement 4.7% (13). Turnout is 63.9%.

On 26th of January 2015 Alexis Tsipras is sworn in as prime minister. The cabinet is announced on 27th of January with Nikos Kotzias as foreign minister, Panos Kammenos as defense minister, Nikos Voutsis as interior minister, and Giannis Varoufakis as finance minister.

Modern Greek States Independence: 1821

Adult Suffrage: 18

Voting Patterns:

Conservative -1974





Conservative/Socialist 2000



Radical Left-2015

Significantly Participates in:

Schengen Convention


Expenditure 36,739,000,000 Euros(2013)

Active Personnel: 109,070 (2012)

2,032,378 males fit for service(2013)

2,016,552 females fit for service(2013)

9 months conscription

Military commands: 1st Army, Supreme Military Commands of the Interior and Islands, Supreme Military Support Command, NATO Deployable Corps.

Military Leaders and strength(2015):

Michail Kostarkos

Christos Manolas (Army)

1,913 MBTs, 4,209 IFVs & APCs, and 4,840 artillery pieces

Evangelos Apostolakis (Navy)

39 Warships, 9 Submarines, 6 Patrol Boats, 57 Fleet Support & other Ships, 21 Aircraft

Evangelos Tournas(Air Force)

523 + aircraft

Last military engagement (Libya 2011)

Military Suppliers:

USA: 3856 Million

Germany: 2382 Million

France: 1192 Million

Security Issues:

Turkey (Agean Sea)

Macedonia (Naming and claims)

Albania (Immigration)

Drug Trafficking

Other military facts:

Until 16th January 2001 there were approximately 10 NATO “B-61” nuclear weapons stationed at Araxos military base in Greece. The authorities had always refused to comment on the presence or absence of these bombs, throughout the time that they were based there.


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